STB Moves on Closing Loopholes for Railroads

The Surface Transportation Board (STB) recently concluded what rail shippers have known for the last 15 years: few commodities are spared from the railroads’ increased market power. Specifically, the STB recently proposed restoring access to the Board’s rate review challenge process for rail customers that have been left out in

Springing Forward on Freight Rail Reform

In December, Congress passed and the President signed the most significant reforms to the nation’s freight rail system since the Staggers Rail Act of 1980. Now that our elected leaders have set a course, it’s time to finish the job by ensuring the Surface Transportation Board (STB) can implement free-market

Congress Takes Action and Sends Freight Rail Reform Legislation to the President

Today, the House overwhelmingly passed Senate legislation that will modernize the nation’s freight rail policies and will provide American businesses with greater access to more reliable and competitive freight rail service by making the Surface Transportation Board (STB) work more efficiently. We want to thank Chairman Thune and Ranking Member Nelson

Competition: What’s Needed to Make Freight Rail Really Work

America loves the story of the little guy. Hard work and optimism in the face of difficulties creates winners, and when the ‘Little Engine That Could’ finally scales the hill, we collectively applaud. Unfortunately, in today’s freight railroad world, the little guy is too often left standing on the sidelines

Powerful New Independent Report to Congress Calls for Freight Rail Reform

A compelling new expert report by the National Research Council (NRC) calls for fundamental reforms to modernize the nation’s freight rail policies. The report, requested by Congress and published by the NRC’s Transportation Research Board (TRB), adds to a growing body of evidence that new approaches are needed to

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