Freight Rail Reform: How Would It Work Under the Senate “Surface Transportation Board (STB) Reauthorization Act of 2015”?

Congress established the Surface Transportation Board (STB) to, among other things, mediate disputes between railroads and shippers as well as determine the reasonableness of challenged rates in the absence of competition. Since 2001, just four large freight railroads have controlled 90 percent of the market—often leaving shippers with no

New Data, Same Old Problem When it Comes to Rising Rail Freight Rates and Declining Service

The growing challenges brought by the lack of access to competitive freight rail service are all too clear to any American farmer or manufacturer that depends on railroads to ship or receive products. In order to better understand the negative impact of skyrocketing rail freight rates, Escalation Consultants conducted

Putting the STB’s Rate Review Process Back on Track

It’s time for a more efficient and workable process for reviewing freight rail rates 

What action is STB taking? Following an extensive hearing to examine the state of freight rail competition, the STB opened up several proceedings to review options for improving how the Board operates. One of

Competitive Switching: Making the Switch to a More Competitive, Healthy Freight Rail System

How adopting competitive switching can benefit railroads and their customers

Freight rail competition is becoming a growing issue over the past several years.  Why is that? One of the biggest challenges facing rail customers today is that many have access to only one major railroad. That obviously gives the

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