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Delivering for America – Moving Freight Rail Forward

Freight rail is a vital link in America’s supply chain, connecting U.S. manufacturers, farmers, and energy producers with other businesses and consumers.

The rail industry is undergoing dramatic changes that impact every sector of the American economy. To keep up with these changes, we need new federal policies that are equipped to deal with today’s realities and challenges.

Now more than ever, the federal Surface Transportation Board (STB) must act on reforms that will provide America with a more competitive and reliable freight rail system.

Widespread Problems

Major changes in the rail industry are creating new problems that weaken the supply chain and put the brakes on the U.S. economy.

Smart Solutions

Small and large businesses, transportation experts, and American voters agree reform is needed.

The STB should adopt these policy reforms to help get freight rail back to work for American businesses and consumers:

  • Increase Access to Competitive Options

    Remove regulatory barriers by updating the STB’s reciprocal switching rules.

  • Streamline Bureaucratic Procedures

    Revise the STB’s rate case procedures to include Final Offer Rate Review and Rate Benchmarking.

  • Improve Rail Service Reporting

    Adopt new reporting metrics to track rail service performance, especially during the first-mile/last-mile of a delivery.

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The The Rail Customer Coalition (RCC) is a large collection of trade associations representing a broad cross-section of manufacturing, agricultural, and energy industries that depend on the railroads to deliver reliable and affordable service so they can remain competitive in a global market. Their members are essential to a healthy U.S. economy, with operations and employees throughout the country – collectively providing more than 7 million jobs and producing more than $4.8 trillion in economic output.

RCC members are major transportation stakeholders and the largest users of freight rail. They account for more than half of the total volume of cargo shipped by rail and generate more than three-quarters of the revenues collected by the railroads.

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