Congress Supports a Closer Examination of the Impacts of Precision Scheduled Railroading

With so many priorities competing for the attention of Congress, it was encouraging to see the U.S. House of Representatives support a much needed study of a key issue plaguing the businesses that depend on freight rail.

As part of the INVEST in America Act that recently cleared the

STB Takes Action to Prevent Rail Carriers From Penalizing Shippers with Unreasonable, Excessive Demurrage Charges

When it took a proactive approach to addressing excessive and questionable demurrage charges, the Surface Transportation Board (STB) sent a clear message that business as usual was no longer acceptable. As Logistics Management observed, the Board’s new policies will promote greater “transparency, timeliness, and

Q&A: Chemical Shippers Seek More Rail Options

Argus Rail Business recently sat down with a regulatory expert at the American Chemistry Council to talk about STB reform. The following is a reprint of that interview thanks to the editors at Argus:

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has been one of the leading voices in calling for enhanced regulatory

STB Proposal to Improve Regulatory Decision-making Met with Strong Support

One way to improve the regulatory decision-making process is to make sure government officials fully understand the problem they are trying to tackle. So it should come as no surprise that both railroads and shipper groups are praising a common sense proposal that will allow Commissioners at the Surface Transportation

STB Reform: Providing a Much Needed Dose of Reality

There is near universal agreement that the agency charged with resolving freight rail issues is stymied by its own outdated and overly-burdensome rules. The Surface Transportation Board’s (STB) Acting Chairman, Ann Begeman, perfectly encapsulated these concerns when she declared that the Board’s rate review process “is too costly, too time

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