STB Proposal to Improve Regulatory Decision-making Met with Strong Support

One way to improve the regulatory decision-making process is to make sure government officials fully understand the problem they are trying to tackle. So it should come as no surprise that both railroads and shipper groups are praising a common sense proposal that will allow Commissioners at the Surface Transportation

STB Reform: Providing a Much Needed Dose of Reality

There is near universal agreement that the agency charged with resolving freight rail issues is stymied by its own outdated and overly-burdensome rules. The Surface Transportation Board’s (STB) Acting Chairman, Ann Begeman, perfectly encapsulated these concerns when she declared that the Board’s rate review process “is too costly, too time

STB’s Competitive Switching Proposal: Is the Sky Falling or is the Tide Rising?

In one of its more important proceedings to date, the comment period just closed on the Surface Transportation Board’s (STB) long-awaited proposed changes to its outdated competitive switching rules. A large and growing chorus, including a broad range of manufacturers, farmers, and energy producers, weighed in with comments of

Free Market Reforms Are the Bedrock of Competitive Freight Rail Service

The Surface Transportation Board (STB) has proposed long-overdue reforms that will remove regulatory barriers and help promote greater competition within the freight rail industry. Instead of embracing these free market reforms, the railroads are claiming that STB’s proposal for “competitive switching” is unlawful. Competition is the cornerstone of a strong and

New Rail Consultant Report Comes Up Short on Solutions

The shortcomings of today’s freight rail policies are not lost on the members of the Surface Transportation Board (STB), who have gone on the record numerous times to say that the Board’s process for handling rate cases are too costly, too time consuming and unnecessarily complex. This growing concern was

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